Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We are SO excited to be offering a bigger and even better Bright Night Event, coming to an awesomely beautiful venue near you THIS SUMMER!

If you had a chance to experience or see what we did last year, with only 2 weeks to pull everything together, imagine what we have in store with MONTHS of preparation under our skinny, sparkling glittered belts!

Last year after every delicious cupcake was eaten, bodies were danced out and gifts were donated, we sat down with the biggest Diet Cokes you can imagine and came up with a crazy long list, full of amazing details and ideas we wanted to include for our next event. Most importantly though, we listened to what YOU had to say while you graced us with your presents (literally), and we've decided to shake things up a bit this time around.

This year, instead of just a one night bash, we're super excited to offer all of you brilliant women an entire DAY LONG RETREAT, to help you celebrate what makes YOU so freakishly awesome! You know... adequate time to reaaaally take a break from the chaos of your daily lives, and focus completely on yourselves for once!

That being said, we have been planning a stress-free, fun, energetic, positive retreat that includes interactive classes, stylish yummy dining, a fab rooftop dance party (of course!), and maybe even a few goodies to take home with you at the end of the night. whoohoo!

Tell me this isn't a party that you and all your friends wouldn't want to hang out at!?
We obviously have a lot more details to share with you about how this wonderful-sparkly day will be shaping out and where you can buy tickets soon, but for now, all you need to do is write this important date down on your calendar... 

Thursday, July 10th 
10am- 10pm

Alright, now get moving on scheduling the day off of work, reserving that babysitter you love, or telling your significant other that they're going to be with the kids ALL day, because YOU need a much deserved, long-overdue women's only day away with your girlfriends! 

We cant wait to PARTY WITH YOU!!!


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  1. Everything was perfect, the food was incredible. We had several starters. Lobster hollandaise, Scallops Wrapped in Bacon, Coconut chicken with Lime Sauce and Shrimp cocktail.
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