Sunday, April 6, 2014

all headshots taken by Greg Deakins
Ashley Reeves is the owner of Academic Advancement, a Utah County in home tutoring service that provides certified teachers as tutors for students of all ages and subject. She is raising 3 bright & wild little boys that have motivated her to seek adventure. They are all little artists and as a family together they spend hours around the kitchen table coloring, painting, and cooking. She documents their loud and lovely life on her Instagram account daily. 
Ashley loves singing so loud her kids complain and taking so many pictures her husband rolls his eyes. Its all about the memories! 
One goal she holds is to live a healthy lifestyle. Cooking has been a passion of hers and she has put a lot of time into finding new recipes using only whole foods and clean ingredients. She loves cooking with family, for family. She recently started a separate Instagram account for all those delicious healthy recipes all in one place.
Growing up with 5 sisters, Ashley has always loved being in groups of women and and inspiring one another, so when given a chance to plan an event with her girlfriends to help women from all walks of life was a no brainer! "Lets get this party started!" -Pink

A self proclaimed neat freak and home decor junkie, Shelley Smith is the blogger behind the popular site The House of Smiths. Creating an inspiring space that her family loved to be in, was Shelley and her husband Cason's main purpose for sharing their homes design-style shift. With a heavy emphasis on comfort and functionality, Shelley's upbeat, airy, fresh style – with pops of happy colors – definitely defines who she is!
In addition to being a full-time blogger, Shelley is also the Senior Creative Director at GroopDealz.com, a Mom to three beautiful girls, an Instagram enthusiast, and also possess some pretty fantabulous dance moves (or at least that's what she likes to think). Shelley's work has been featured on numerous online sites, magazines, and HGTV.
Shelley's motto is: "Blog about what you love, have no regrets and aim for the overall goal to leave people feeling more motivated, inspired and happier than when they came."

Haylie Studebaker is the owner and creative mind behind LAYERS Clothing.  Her passion and drive to create art with her hands is what fuels her lifestyle.  In 2012 Haylie decided to buy out LAYERS and bring it back from the ashes (literally).  She is so excited to get the company back on it's feet! The company is still new, but Haylie is designing and creating stunning new pieces all the time.   Haylie is overly passionate about life and chasing dreams.  She is an advocate for women and believes we ALL have a purpose.  Haylie resides in Lehi, UT with her hard working husband and her 3 dramatic (yet beautiful) little girls.   
Words to live by:  "Nothing is impossible... the word itself says I'm possible." - Audrey Hepburn

Amy Twitty is the girl behind the shop Pink Parlor Designs that started one day after she made her daughter a children's tent. When friends and family started asking where they could find them she faced her fear and applied for her first boutique to start selling her items.  As nervous as she was she pushed forward in her goals and decided to also start having all her proceeds go towards their adoption fund for their next child. Her passion in life and love of family and friends is what keeps her motivated and laughing daily! With a love of design and creating projects you will typically find Amy with a Diet Coke in one hand, paint brush in the other and usually on her way home from her daily Home Depot visit.  She is grateful each day that she has the support and love from her amazing husband and sassy daughter to keep her motivated. 
Daily she is reminded:  "You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment." Gordon B Hinkley


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